Italian American Sports Club of Rochester is a advocate for all Italian sports , culture and cuisine.  We have a long tradition of giving back to our community through our members and local charities.

The IASC supports many charities, and holds events throughout the year.  If you would like to volunteer - call us at (585) 464-9160 to get involved.

What we do


Welcome to the new IASC site!    

Your thoughts are welcome as we develop it!

Topics to review in the First Quarter of 2020

Our Community, Our Culture. Our Club.

Italian American Sport Club of Rochester

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1. the  December elections and how they can  be improved for next year  

This site is not owned nor run by the IASC.  It may not share the view of the current leadership.

Thank you all for your quick response!  I had just started to shape the site, and was surprised by the volume of comments received!  Based on your input, here is a clearer view of the discussion points.

The IASC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a rich cultural, social and  sports experience for our members and our community. 

If you are new to our organization, go to our WELCOME page more more information!

​Many of you have shared that you want greater accessibility to voting (early voting, proxy voting), and greater access to candidates  ( a two minute speech did not give you enough information to decide, etc.).


One thing to keep in mind - it is not an easy thing to run an election.  The committee did good work.  It is just clear that changes need to happen to allow for all members to have a say in the leadership of the organization.

2. The lack of Civility amongst  leaders, and how to make things better.

There needs to be a change in culture. 

Too much arguing, too many special interests, and not enough collaboration.   

Great comments on  what needs to happen.  Keep them coming!

3.  The declining membership and how to attract new, younger  members.

Can we  try something new?   It seems like we have the same party, every time.   

Why not bring some younger people in and have them run some events?  It is cool to be old school, but not all the time!